Welcome to the Market Shark Tank

We want to help you grow your business in a way that makes sense for your specific needs.  Our team is here to offer advice and add success in the growth of any project, campaign, or level of advancement.

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Lead Generation

Let us help guide prospective customers to you by having them show an organic interest in your business, because it’s those prospects initiating the relationship with you — instead of you, the business owner, initiating the relationship with them. This makes your initial interaction more “real” for them. They don’t even realize you’re selling them because they sought you out by viewing content that tells them why you’re the answer to their problems and following the online path straight to their solution–your company!

A recent study shows that a whopping 71% of online searches result in people clicking on the first result–let us make it so that YOUR business is the one the potential customers in your market end up at!

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is something that every business needs. Ideally it happens BEFORE you need it, and you build a foundation strong enough to sustain the inevitable negative review or even negative seo tactics from competitors (that does exist!). Sometimes reputation management is necessary AFTER the inevitable happens, and that’s ok–as long as you actually take action! The Market Sharks can take any bad rep online and wash it clean so that your business gets the positive attention for the good services you provide instead of your potential customers seeing SCREAMING RED FLAGS when they do a quick search to find a local company for any of their service needs.

Let us help you build a strong reputation online or clean up some bad feedback so that you can move forward and offer your best to your potential customers.

Video SEO

Video SEO is optimizing your company videos, even commercials, so that they are indexed and ranked higher than your competitors when people enter specific keywords related to your particular are of expertise. This means that you show up before them, and therefore you get the pick of the business first. While the “experts” might tell you that ranking a video for a search term is difficult or more difficult than ranking a website, that’s simply not true–at least for our team! Let us rank your videos for maximum visibility so you can get more results!

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