A Beginner Guide To Trading

A Beginner Guide To Trading

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Are You New to Investing and Trading in the Stock Market??

Are you looking for a well organized guide to help you started making extra income, a career, or put you into the next level of financial freedom through trading and investing in the stock market?

When we first started investing and trading in the stock market we spent countless hours reading chart patterns, researching companies and learning from our mentors.

We have taken the most important tips, strategies, ideas, and research that has helped us succeed in the stock market and compiled it into this beginner's guide to help YOU get started on your goal to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

We organized this guide in a way that will make it easy to go from one section to the next as well as showing visual examples from real time charts.


  • What you need to have in line before you start trading
  • Habits of a successful trader
  • Stock Market terminology 
  • Different types of trading and what will fit you best 
  • What brokerages to use
  • Candlesticks their patterns and what they mean
  • Support and Resistance 
  • Trends
  • Trading Patterns
  • Trading Strategies
  • The Pattern Day Trader Rule (PDT)
  • Practice Tips and Simulator

In addition you will also receive exclusive access to us 24/7 with any questions you may have, just DM on us Instagram and we will help you out anyway we can!

Remember, "The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself" -Warren Buffett.

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